The production started in 1982 in Besenello
with IMMER’s name from Oliviero and
Zita Adami. From the beginning the
factory’s been distinguished for the constant
development, particularly for the research of new
products and for the quality and the improvement of
the articles already in production.
In 1992 with the entry of their children Gianluca and
Donatella it took the actual name “G.D.A.” and
actually after the continuous development, all the
lines of production are robotized. Thanks to the excellent result, the
G.D.A.’s circular saw blades have been exported in every continent and
G.D.A. is now one of the most important producers.
Starting from 2006 it’s present in Czech Republic the company GDA
PIKL directed by Mr. Pikl; the company is equipped with a very stocked
warehouse and widespread trade and assistance sevice locally present.
From 2010 many other collaborations started with different supplier in
many European Countries.
From 2015 new control system have been introduced, all to keep
impoving the quality of GDA product.
From 2017 we started a path of technological renovation in all the
departements, in the organisation and management of the production.
This process ended in 2019; now all the departements are equipped with
tablets where the operators find all the instruction; all the machines are
connected to the network and controlled by a GesPRO software,
internally developed. All the productions is therefore connected following
the industry 4.0: it allowed us a new and additional technological
development with considerable benefits in terms of productivity and