During his program of research and development, the GDA company has built a new kind of saw blades called “GDA COATED”. These saws don’t suffer the corrosion and the rust, they’re not sticking, they produce less friction during the use, they reduce the temperature of the body of the saw blade during the cut, they reduce the absorption of electricity and so, they’re particularly indicated for all the situations where there is an high percentage of humidity, at the open air (building sites), in the saw-mills, when it’s necessary working with wet material or with material very humid or with tendency to encrust (plastic and rubber etc.), where there are resin or glue, and where it’s necessary less friction (thin cut).
The exceptionality of the saw “GDA COATED” is that the body remains cleaned and straight even during difficult working and so the tool will be always very efficient.
All the saw blades in this catalogue could be ordered with the typology “GDA COATED”.
The functionality of the system “GDA COATED” is guaranteed for all the life of the saw.