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Technology for the production of cutting blades and our strengths

The G.D.A. manufactures saw blades with carbide, tailored to different tipologiedi material being cut and to different destinations of use and the company also sells other tools for woodworking (such as cutters, drills, knives, ...) to provide guests with colorful range of products, increased levels of service and resulting in cost savings-carrying, especially with customers located abroad, who often prefer to turn to unicofornitore. As for the core business, the G.D.A. has a wide range of products (about 16,000 items, of which 1,000 in the catalog), which include blades for cutting wood (circal’80% of blades produced), aluminum (15%), plastic and iron (5%) . This differentiation is due allanecessità to accommodate requests for personalized products for individual customers, inalcuni cases derived from the inherent characteristics of the material used (being a living material, the legnamevaria according to place of origin), but in other cases for special needs which could also esseresoddisfatti with alternatives that are already found in the range of products, but to which the aziendasceglie to respond in a timely manner.
The company makes about 60% of turnover from fifteen major principals, while ilrimanente 40% is distributed among a multitude of small customers (such as sharp, service centers, ...). LaG.D.A. is addressed primarily to a segment of the market medium / high, and that requires valorizzaprodotti innovative and high standards of quality, not asserted in the objectives of the company ilpresidio the low end, where Chinese companies have been pushing most delleconcorrenti European with prices equal to one third of those charged by them; sonoanche relatively low revenues from the commercialization of tools other than knives.
A significant proportion of revenues (about 38%) is realized through exports, production is also good partedella provided to contractors that perform business processing machinery dilegname, then sold internationally.
in approach to the market, the company has not targeted the creation of a nationwide sales network, aimed to end customers (such eg sawmills), but has aimed to carry out large volumes of venditerivolgendosi to resellers, dealers and franchisees; also to penetrate foreign markets, the approccioseguito was to be used as a channel large companies, import / export; was important, Similarly, the participation in trade fairs.
regard to competitive position, the GDA is a leader in Trentino, where, however, produces only 1% delfatturato, while at national level is second in market share, competitors at 7-8; to livelloeuropeo faces some competition from German producers.
As the technical characteristics of production, the ’’tooth’’ of the blades is made unalega carbide and tungsten, all of which require a specific know how. Parting the sheets are made of tempered steel C75 alloy with chromium, on the basis of specifichericevute by the customer and the experience gained by the company, a technician, using a softwareCAD / CAM design and realizes the worksheets product, which is then subjected altaglio using lasers and heat-treated, since the laser tends to harden the material; successivamentele sheet is corrected, straightened and subjected to tensioning (the ribs are finished perottenere best performance in terms of turns, ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 rpm). Processing prevedequindi the reaming of the central hole and the soldering by induction of the tooth to be applied and finally, the lamaviene sharpened and polished, branded and packaged. The process is entirely automated, as unapposito control system allows the machine to perform the work continuously, 24 hours on 24.
The continuous research and attention to product innovation has enabled the GDA of sviluppareuna new type of coating, which gives the blades a few characteristics, giving vitaalla category called ’’GDA Coated ’’means the cutter blades rivelanoparticolarmente this coating is effective in the work carried out under the most difficult, for example in the presence DiALTA moisture or outdoors, in sawmills or on building sites or in situations where it is less friction to achieve richiestoun thinner cuts, when working with resins and glues or tendenzaa encrusted material (plastics, rubbers, ...). The use of blades with coating ’’GDA Coated ’’enables the body of the blade, which becomes non-stick and right to remain clean, preservarsiintatto rust and corrosion and heat up less during the cut, diminuendol’assorbimento electricity.
Another innovative products are the ’’lame silenced’’, the result of research and development of the GDA tecnicidella Some special cuts ’’silence,’’ carried along the surface of the blades, unitiall’inserimento sound-absorbing material, absorb the sound waves that are created that sialongitudinalmente transversely during cutting, allowing to reduce vibration, resulting in a precise cut and generating much less noise.
particularly advanced method of attachment is finally the ’’Hydro’’ which optimizes lacentratura through two sleeves of steel, separated a layer of fat that transmits pressure, making them expand to the tree and tool.

One of the major strengths of the company is developed expertise in processing and neltrattamento the material, which allows you to play in all processes of the blades, except for certain items that require galvanic treatments such as polishing, nickel and chromium, which are outsourced to a company in Rovereto .
’was also essential for the development of the open approach to innovation eall’introduzione automated procedures, which have allowed significant growth in volumes fastest-selling, an efficient management of internal processes and therefore a fatturato.Anche good growth of the relationship of trust with suppliers has contributed to growth, permettendouna streamlined management of purchasing processes.
Attention needs more differentiated and ’’personalization’’ of the product has finally allowed diacquisire and retain a customer base of medium / large size.


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