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The G.D.A. Ltd., a company established itself internationally in the production of carbide saw blades, was born in Besenello in 1992, but the onset of action can be placed in 1982, the year in which Mr. Olivier Adam and his wife Zita give birth to their first company with the name of Immer.
’s assets, which starts to operate as a subcontractor on volumes rather than reduced, expanded rapidly, making necessary the collaboration of the entire family in the performance of work until the creation in 1992 of the GDA, with the entry into society of the two sons Gianluca and Donatella.
The Adams family has always been committed to quality and innovation of its product, combining care for the tools with ’introduction of automated processes: since the mid-nineties, production was enhanced by the introduction of laser machines and robotic equipment for grinding el’affilatura, making it possible to achieve excellent results in terms of market penetration These have to invest to automate other phases of production and required an increase in headcount company.
Today the company has the commitment, as well as the four members, twelve-skilled workers (including some non-EU) , the growth has necessitated a functional differentiation, with particular attention to the presidium of the direct sales activities and business (management of customer relationships and developing new markets), of which Adam Gianluca full-time since 2000. < br> The intention to expand its activities in Central and Eastern Europe has led the company in 2006 to establish in the Czech Republic the ’’GDA Trade ’’, to develop and consolidate its international presence and the level of service to that market.


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